May 18, 2011

Album #9

One of the four fonts designed by Ray

Ray's cover design fr his father Sukumar Ray's book on typograph-"Bornomala Tathwa o Bibidho Probondho" published from Signet Press

Ray..on the sets of his swansong AGANTUK, with Bikram Bhattacharjya who played d role of Satyaki in d film. Bikram is nw a scientist doin research at US. He hav heard his CHOT DADU's words and ahv escaped frm becoming a KUPO-MONDUK!!

Ray's cover-design for his aunt Leela Majumdar's famous book "PADI-PISHIR BORMI BAKSHO". Ray wanted to adapt this amazing story in celluloid but it didn't turn out finally. But d story was adapted into a movie by Tapan Sinha, famous Bengali director, later where eminent Bengali actress of yesteryear Chaya Devi acted in d role of PADI PISHI

Cover-design by Ray for Abanindranath Tagore's autobiography in Bengali "Apon Kotha"..published by Signet Press

Another ad-design by Ray

Satyajit Ray..the great Indian film-maker, died on this day in 1992 at 5.45 pm after a prolonged illness..lying in the hospital bed for more than 3 months

Ray's costume designs for the four main protagonists in DAYS & NIGHTS IN THE FOREST(1969)

19 yrs ago...India lost one of her greatest sons. Remembering Ray on his death anniversary

Ray's set design for General Outram's study in THE CHESS PLAYERS(1974)

Tagore in postage stamps..This stamp was brought out in 1961 on the birth centenary occasion, and was designed by Ray

"I think the truest answer would be that I make films for the love of it. I enjoy every moment of the film making process. I write my own scenario and my own dialogue. And, I find it fascinating to do so."
Remembering Ray..on his 90th birth anniversary..

Ray's title card designs for KANCHENJUNGA

Ray's cover design for Nehru's "The Discovery of India", published from the Signet Press

Sir Richard Attenborough on Ray:
He had mastery on every aspect of film making and I clearly remember he asked me to express my feelings through my eyes and one movement of the Adam’s Apple in a scene in one of the films I did with him..

Ad-design by Ray..this time, it's for Philips light!!
Indeed an ad for a ray, designed by a certain Ray!!

How can we forget this great man's contribution?