March 24, 2011

Album #8

Cover-design for Pramada Ranjan Ray's "BON'er KHOBOR"(news frm the Forest) by Ray.

Ray's costume-design for d character of 'Sobha-Kobi'(Court poet) fr HIRAK RAJAR DESHE.

Costume designs for the ministers in the court of HIROK RAJA..
Designed by Ray.

Ray with Kishore Kumar and Amit Kumar. Kishore Kumar's first wife, Mrs Ruma Guha Thakurtha was Ray's niece. Kishore shared a warm relationship with Ray and used to call him 'Manik Mama'. He sang in Ray's "CHARULATA" for the first time..a Tagore song(Ami chini go chini). Then Kishore's voice was again heard in Ray's GHARE BAIRE in 1984. This time he sang three songs..two of Tagore's and the other of Jyotirindranath's.

This picture shows Ray..wid his 6ft 4" height..removing the idol of Lord Ganesha from the entrance of the house in make the house appear as a Muslim residence..for SHATRANJ KE KHILADI..(1977)

Ray's cover-design for Jibananada Das's "BONOLATA SEN".

Cover design for Ray. The above issue was the 25th anniversary special number..published in May 1986

Unused title-card for JOY BABA FELUNATH. Jst c d artistic a seems to be written in the actual thing is dat Ray used the Devanagari script to write the titles in Bengali.

Cover-design by Ray for Abanindranath Tagore's autobiography in Bengali "Apon Kotha"..published by Signet Press

Ray's cover-design for Jibananada Das's "RUPOSI BANGLA".

Cover design for Ray. For this issue..Ray also drew comics for the first time..!!
The colourful world of Ray..fascinates us even today..
Let us spread this colourful works through this group..

The title-card of KANCHENJUNGA..designed by Ray.

Ray, arriving at the busy Howrah station to shoot the train-arrival scene for his swansong "Agantuk".

A page from the shooting-script of "Sonar Kella"...the jottings explain the camel-scene of the Three Musketeers(Felu, Lalmohan n Topshe)..!!

Costume designs by Ray for HIROK RAJAR DESHE.

The two men who created the Song of the Little Road.

Another advertisement..designed by Ray..when he worked as a graphic-designer at D.J.Keymer, a British ad-agency..during pre-Pather Panchali period.

The notation sheet of "DEKHO RE NOYON MELE.." from GUGABABA.

Notation sheet by Ray fr "Bhuter Raja Dilo Bor" frm GUGABABA.

Shooting schedule for AGANTUK..designed by Ray.

Notation sheet by Ray fr "Moharaja Tomare Selam" frm GUGABABA
Feluda is havin a make-over in d hands of d director!! d role of an JOY BABA FELUNATH.

Ray..explaining a scene from "Laksham'er Shaktishel" to Soumitra Chatterjee during the shooting of "SUKUMAR RAY"(1987). Chatterjee enacted the role of Lord Rama in the play..while actor Chiranjeet played Lakshman.

One of the few ad-designs by Ray when he worked at D.J.Keymer during pre-Pather Panchali period.

The first big-screen appearance of Bengal's most famous super-sleuth!!
Poster designed by Ray.

The first publicity poster of GUGABA..designed by Ray..published in d April 1968 issue of SANDESH.

March 16, 2011

We all miss you !!

Chhorie die 'Shakha proshakha' 'Goopy Bagha'-r sone/
'Hirok rajar deshe' jabo notun 'Abhijan'-e/
'Agontuk'-er sathe 'Sonar Kella'-r khoje jabo,/
'Jana Aranya'-e khuje tomay 'Mahanagar'-ei pabo,/
'Ghare Baire' jodi dekhi notun 'Pratidwandi'/
Bhabbo tader 'Ganashatru'? Se noy obhisondhi!/
'Seemaboddho' jibon fele 'Parash Pathar' pelam,
'Aporajito' 'Nayok', Maharaja tomay selam!
- Sagnik Chakraborty

whose magical touch of "THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE" 
enthralls "THE STRANGER" in "THE HOME 
and THE WORLD"..
- Sourit Dey

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