March 16, 2011

We all miss you !!

Chhorie die 'Shakha proshakha' 'Goopy Bagha'-r sone/
'Hirok rajar deshe' jabo notun 'Abhijan'-e/
'Agontuk'-er sathe 'Sonar Kella'-r khoje jabo,/
'Jana Aranya'-e khuje tomay 'Mahanagar'-ei pabo,/
'Ghare Baire' jodi dekhi notun 'Pratidwandi'/
Bhabbo tader 'Ganashatru'? Se noy obhisondhi!/
'Seemaboddho' jibon fele 'Parash Pathar' pelam,
'Aporajito' 'Nayok', Maharaja tomay selam!
- Sagnik Chakraborty

whose magical touch of "THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE" 
enthralls "THE STRANGER" in "THE HOME 
and THE WORLD"..
- Sourit Dey

Note: If you also have anything to say about the great soul. Do post your words as reply or mail at so that I can post them in this blog post.  

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