February 11, 2011

RGV insults Sir Satyajit Ray

Source : rgvzoomin.com

Q15. Satyajit Ray was from India.

RGV - 'Forget West I know of 2 dozen  better Directors than him from even within India.'

Readers please post your opinion on this.
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  1. RVG not only insulted Sir Satyajit Ray but he also insulted Rabindranath Tagore.

    I think he has no right to say all this..this is unacceptable..!!

  2. who is this rgv ????
    May he know that SR is the Shakespere of World Cinema. The Best in India 10 times over and we now cannot imagine to have one more such genius.

  3. The frustration that one goes through reflects on their statements... shame on you RGV.